After 25 plus years in woodworking industry operating and programming various commecial CNC equipement I have decided to improve functionality and ease of tool changes using Mach3. I have chosen original Blue Screen as base of my project, so credit for creating that screen goes to MrBean and SantiniUK. There were several objectives I had in mind. Easy transition to new screen, safe operation, and most of all easy tool change. So Mach3 tool setter screen by Big-tex was born.

First verion was realeased on cnczone forum in 2010 and it went through lots of changes and upgrades ever since. Mach3 tool setter screen by Big-tex offers now other functionality such us laser zero or park, it allows to safely work in metric or imperial units. Your help is greatly appreciated in financing further development.

For more information please refer to youtube videos or cnczone forum.


Denz "That Big Texan bloke has given us all a great tool."

Odie9 "I just switched over from emc2 to Mach3 and set it up with Big Tex's modmig works great! The auto z function was actually the reason I made the switch."




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